Horses, livestock, honey, eggs and veterinary services in Big Horn, Wyoming

Buying local produce and supporting local merchants and ranchers is a win- win situation. It supports local industry and grows the local economy as well as limiting the cost of shipping , excess fuel consumption and many other costs to the environment and therefore our quality of life overall.

We have  lamb, chicken, eggs and honey raised in a natural environment with low stress handling and minimal human intervention to provide a product that is wholesome and grown for naturally superior genetics as nature has selected.  No antibiotics, hormones or abnormal feeding practices are used. Lambs are born in the spring on pasture along with the natural cycle of mother nature and all other wild herbivores to limit predation  and parasites and maximize a grass finished product for late Fall.

Our free range eggs are available at Sackett’s Market, Good Health Emporium  and Golden Rule Grocers in Sheridan, WY.

We are taking orders for fall lambs at $8.00/lb which includes processing. Clients can special request cuts.

Thank you for supporting us and your community!